I'm a developer, designer, and question-asker from California. I'm currently a senior at Olin College of Engineering, a tiny, experimental college in Massachusetts. I've self-designed my engineering concentration, entitled Human Centered Computing. I believe the language between design and development of products should be fluid and continuous. I design for people, in both the sense of creating intuitive interfaces as well as maintainable, efficient code. This site is a portfolio of my favorite class projects, clubs, hackathon projects, and jobs thus far.

I've interned as a Software Engineer at Microsoft and Onshape, as a Performance Analyst at NVIDIA, as well as freelancing graphic design on the side.

While not busy at school, you can find me on the soccer field, volleyball courts, building or riding longboards, or backpacking anywhere I can.

I love meeting new people, so don't hesitate to say hello!

Microsoft SWE Internship

Summer 2017

During the summer of 2017, I interned as a Software Engineer Intern at Microsoft in Redmond. I was a part of the SalesIT department, under MSIT. I worked on a personal project, rather than being integrated directly into a team.

I researched, designed, and developed a 'Scrumbot' for Microsoft Teams. I conducted user research observing different current scrum teams and how they operate, especially with members in different locations. With agile methodology becoming a dominant form of software development cycles, holding successful daily standup meetings is important to a team's success.

The bot could run asynchronous standup meetings. When the bot was added to a team in Microsoft Teams, it would ask for a Scrum Master to be set. This person could configure the daily scrum questions (or use the default yesterday, today, and blocker template) as well as the time to ping the team (a 10:00am scrum). At that specified time, the bot would send an individual message to the members of the scrum team, ask for their daily update, and store their responses. The bot would then post the messages in a designated 'Standup' channel, to increase transparency across the team.

I developed the bot using the Botbuilder SDK in Node.js. I also used Azure Web Service and Azure Table Storage for deployment and persistent storage.